Friday, March 27, 2015

The Curious Tale Of Shaquisha and the White Mouse

It's not surprising that bathroom etiquette is not part of Shaquisha's repertoire. Why would it be?

There is only four females at my office, and only Shaquisha and myself are capable of menstruating. That's how I solved the mystery of who attempted to flush a used tampon down the toilet. Not rocket science.

I politely texted the bitch, in hopes she would come take care of the issue...

I was shocked by her response. She didn't dispose of it all the way? What the fuck does that mean? Does she normally flush three times so it goes down?

Unfortunately, she didn't return and my poor office lady had to put on rubber gloves to yank it from the commode. 

I shouldn't have to explain to a thirty year old woman how to properly dispose of her feminine products. 

Furthermore, now she is pissed at me because she doesn't think I handled it appropriately. Ha! Next time I will call a plumber and give her the invoice! 

In the meantime, my office lady posted this friendly reminder...