Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Selfie Sticks Suck

I am definitely one of those annoying people who is always taking and posting selfies. It has become a way of life. Everything I do requires a picture, whether it be a new haircut or lipstick, or I am out at a trendy new restaurant. I even tried to convince JNoww to participate in a "belfwe" (a combination of a  'selfwe', which is a selfie of more than one person, and a 'belfie,' which is a selfie of one's butt) with me, but she refused.

With that being said, you may think I am being a hypocrite for putting down the 'selfie stick,' but I just don't get it?

I guess people are trying to avoid looking vain by holding their arm out and snapping a pic of themselves. To me the vanity is a part of it though. Can my message of self-importance really be conveyed by a stupid black stick with my phone attached to it?

The selfie stick takes the selfie to a whole other level, and it is not good. If you really wanted a picture without your arm extended in front of you, wouldn't you just ask some passerby-er to snap one for you? If I saw someone using one of these, I would think they lacked the confidence to talk to strangers.

Furthermore, everyone knows you are using the stupid thing because we see it in your hand.
photo from dailymail.co.uk

Also, how stupid do these people look carrying around these plastic sticks? At least you might be able to beat someone with it if they try to mug you!

Ryan Seacrest showed off his 'selfie stick' at the Golden Globes
Photo from metro.us