Thursday, February 26, 2015

Avoid Second Hand Sex Toys

It should be of no surprise that second hand sex toys are nasty, but I couldn't find anything online warning you not to buy them. People are more concerned with the dangers of purchasing already worn lingerie and used DVD players.

It is not my imagination that perverts are reselling their blow up dolls and vibrators on eBay. If you don't believe me, investigate it yourself. Several websites exist for people to unload their disease ridden silicone.

To put you at ease, a doctor on said, "Your fears about contracting HIV from your brand new Cyberskin Dream Dick are completely unwarranted." I guess that is a good thing, but I still wouldn't want to take that chance.

What's next? Will children be auctioning off a box of grandma's toys at her estate sale? These things need to go in the trash when the first user is done with them.

Many sites suggest boiling your sex toy to sterilize anything that may be lingering on it from
the previous owner. Gross! All I can imagine is it melting and turning into a deformed penis.

One blogger suggests thinking outside of the box (or should I say silicone) if you can't afford to buy new. "Please remember not to put anything in your butt that doesn’t have a three inch base on it. You don’t want the hospital visit where you explain the carrot in your anus, you just don’t. Produce is generally for vaginas." You can check out that article here.

Since the Surgeon General won't do it, I will. Here is your warning: DO NOT BUY USED SEX TOYS!

If all else fails; just think, they could have been used on this woman...

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