Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Google Searches January 2015

Well I am ten days late at posting my Google search history, but better late than never. As you know, I barely blogged this past month. For once I can't blame these searches on research for Something B*tchy.

Here is a list of the ten craziest things I Googled last month...

10. Why do black people's balls look gray?

9. Hilarious porn

8. List of hamburgs

7. Is it normal to stalk random people on Facebook?

6. What is 365 Black?

5. Why does weight lifting make female's faces look manly?

4. Bane mask at gym

3. Do people actually return Tiffany jewelry to Tiffany?

2. Is a glory hole always gay?

1. Weird dating sites

Monday, January 5, 2015

Armpits Are So 2015

Photo from collegehumor.com

It seems as though everyone is obsessed with armpits this year.

The trend that hit Asia, where females grow out their pit pubes and dye them, is making its way to the U.S.
Meanwhile, an online community of men who want to have sex with Taylor Swift's underarms has gained popularity. 

Do I have to start working out my armpits, or let them grow fur so they can fit in and be beautiful? Or maybe just put some mayo on them...


Friday, January 2, 2015

Fine Art Of Instagram

I rarely use my Instagram account. Unfortunately, my curiosity got the better of me when I wanted to see how fat this one girl I knew got. I blocked her from my Facebook page and Instagram was my only option.

I opened the app, clicked the magnifying glass and these random photos of people I didn't know popped up. Apparently they were generated based on people I follow.

Instagram was so right. I was mesmerized by bessnyc4's account...

The photo that initially caught my eye
Courtesy of instagram.com/bessnyc4.com


And finally my attempt at this fine art. Certainly not original but I must admit, very fun!

Courtesy of Katherine Houzer