Thursday, December 18, 2014

This One Is Actually From My Heart

Shaquisha is the epitome of a bitch. Her scowl, her demeanor, her need for attention. She is one cunt that I just can't stand.

Her flat ass can't sit in the sales office and work? Maybe if she showed an ounce of performance related to her job, someone would respect her. The only thing she excels at is being an "under the desk assistant."
Apparently, she feels she is superior to everyone else and cannot be bothered with day to day tasks. If she isn't getting ass fucked or drinking herself into oblivion, it isn't worth her time.

Shaquisha has this face, sort of like a Jim Hensen puppet. It moves in strange ways and is covered in sun spots from the abuse she puts it through. It's a face that only a mother could love.

The way I see her on the outside is most likely molded by the energy she pushes out from within. She isn't terribly ugly, yet when I look at her I feel the vomit moving up from my stomach to the back of my throat.

Her voice is not off tone or awfully offensive, but to me it sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

I just can't stand her.

It's mostly personal. She works for my father and has manipulated her way in as being his pseudo daughter. He shops for her and would stand up for her over me in almost any circumstance.
She did this. This is the work of a genuine conniving tramp.

She has him wrapped around her little finger and strings him along like a pathetic puppet. I think he is so blinded by the reality she created for him, that he can't even find the light to escape that hell.

Everyone around them sees it, although I am the only one that can muster up the strength to say something. When I do, it is seen as a direct attack and is immediately shot down.
I hear people making crude jokes about their inexplicable relationship, and I cannot disagree with them. If him and her want to portray themselves as vile idiots, that is their prerogative. I would rather not be associated with it though.

This bitch has crossed lines that no human being should. I can sit here and talk about her as much as I want (which truly does help), but it is karma that will get her in the end. Someway, somehow, she will learn.