Friday, December 12, 2014

In Today's News

  • A woman appeared on the Steve Harvey show because she had extreme trust issues. Apparently she signs her boyfriend's penis, with marker, every time he leaves their house. Although, a prostitute probably wouldn't care about this, most women would be deterred by her tactics. 

  • The famous picture of Kim K, breaking the Internet with her huge ass and slippery body, has been artistically recreated. Below you will see the portrait that Uwe Max Jensen painted with his own penis. I can imagine that this talent would get very messy...
Photo from

  • McDonald's reported this week that it will be cutting eight menu items this January. The fast food giant's decision was in response to decreased sales over the the past year. The extra value menu will be cut back from 16 items to 11, and it is still unknown what additional items will be unavailable in 2015. 

  • A gun range in Sandy Springs Georgia is offering alternative Christmas pictures with Santa this year. Guests will pose with the jolly fellow while holding their choice of AK-47's, AR-15's, or FN-SCAR-17's. Santa shouldn't be in fear though, because all the guns will be unloaded and only adults over eighteen will be allowed to participate. Imagine when Grandma gets that Christmas card! 

Image from Sandy Springs Gun Club & Range's Facebook page