Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Google Searches December 2014

I am six days late at posting my Google search history...so kill me. I almost forgot about it until I saw a post about the 10 Most Popular Google Searches of 2014, that was on MTV.com. The things they listed definitely weren't what I was Googling. This is what MTV listed...

           10. Ukraine

             9. Frozen

               8. Ferguson

               7. ISIS

               6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

               5. Flappy Bird

               4. Malaysia Airlines (There were over 200 million searches for "mh370")

               3. Ebola

               2. World Cup

               1. Robin Williams

 And this is what I was Googling just last month...

           10. Jelly Filled Fat People
               9. Am I Crazy

               8. Why Taylor Swift Never Shows Her Belly Button

               7. Mormon Underwear

               6. Ham Canyon

               5. Why Are Chinese Women Taking Pictures of Their Armpits

               4. Dewey Skin

               3. Fucked Up Penises Of Internet

               2. What I Don't Know About Vaginas

               1. Thanksgiving Makeup Funny

None of my Google searches in 2014 were included on MTV's list. Either I am an anomaly or everyone is liars. I can't believe I am the only one to use the internet to search for useless information.