Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why We Hate Shaquisha and You Should Too...

1. She is a former stripper - A military base stripper at that.

2. She is a drama queen - Everything that happens to her leads to an over-exaggerated story. One minute her ex husband is coming to kill her, the next minute she is the one stalking him on Facebook.

3. She is a hypochondriac - This goes along the lines with being a drama queen. I recall her getting poison ivy last summer and when the first tiny blister popped up, she insisted she had skin cancer. Since then, she was convinced she has at least four other types of cancer.

4. She is unoriginal - This bitch will go out two days after you and get the same haircut. She is that obvious about it. Her style has completely changed to mimic mine, although we all no she cannot be me.

5. She is a thunder stealer - Two years ago in April, my husband proposed to me. In less than a month she forced her husband to propose to her. To top it off, she made sure her wedding date came before mine (I guess so it looked like I was the one copying). She even posted a picture on Facebook of her visiting the place I bought my dress and trying on my sash.

6. She is a liar - She has told me for the past several years how her husband and her are going on a Caribbean vacation or a cruise. The bitch doesn't even have a passport, so I know it's not happening. She makes up stories about other people's lives too. Once she had everyone convinced that someone we all knew was cheating on their spouse. We later found out it wasn't true.

7. Her sex life sucks and she tells everyone about it - She even admitted that the first time her husband and her had 'sober-sex' it was awful. One time she told me her vagina looks like turkey deli meat, and that may have something to do with her husband's lack of sex drive. Apparently, he only wants to have anal sex with her or have her lick his butt hole (I can't imagine that breath...Gag!).

8. She is an alcoholic - Her family, even her husband, has got on her case about this.

9. She steals money from the government - She waited to change her name after getting married till she got her last benefit check from the government. Although her husband sat at home all day living off the G.I. bill, the government was paying to put her son in daycare. I don't think people that are receiving any help from the government should own four high definition televisions, all over 60".

10. She sucks at her job - Literally!