Thursday, November 6, 2014

Penis Size, "Friendly Dating", Attack of the Small Penis!

If a guy tells you the biggest sex organ is the brain. Run! His biggest sex organ is his brain. Who wants to get brain fucked anyway?
Men talking about their penis size (esp. on line!) are no different than the frustrated fisherman. They are all telling the "and it was this big..." story. 
Not a size queen or anything myself but I was once set up with a man for a wedding date. Stated from beginning to end that we were friends only. No sex! Seriously! 
I mean I am a man after all and even after consuming about 25 Capt. & Cokes in a 4 hour period I was still saying just friends. Proof positive there was absolutely no interest...
Well we shared the room I had reserved and went to sleep. In no time there was what felt like a finger touching my leg under the sheets. Seriously I thought it was a finger. But no, I couldn't be that lucky. So I reached around and grabbed it. Good God it was a pinky sized dick attached to two cordial cherries! 
I felt as though I had come under attack from an adolescent wielding his boy weenus at me. I quickly grabbed every pillow and blanket and sharp object in the room and  barrackated myself from the little dick onslaught. 
So - no more "just friends" dates unless you meet somewhere driving separately  or can drop their ass off at home immediately afterwards.  
And for sex sake make sure they have at least an "average size" penis before you share a room with anyone. Or make sure you have 2 queen beds instead of the big beautiful king size bed. Just sayin'!