Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Hate This Woman

Last night, this woman I hate was in my class at the gym. She is just one of those people that, when I look at her, I know deep down I just don't like her. He frizzy hair, her overly worn clothes, her bulbous nose, and her frumpy figure are nothing to be jealous of. This dislike does not spawn from envy.

The only thing this woman has ever done to me is take my spot in class. I always have the same spot. Then she started to take it! That didn't last long because I started coming to class early to set my stuff up and mark my territory. She caught on and started to come early too, and it was almost like we were in a pissing contest. Now I am at class at least a half an hour before it starts, and I finally feel like I won.

She is always the person to yell out what muscle group we are working when the instructor asks. This just screams 'one-upper!'

Another time she got under my skin was when we had a different instructor substituting. This woman made such a big deal about, "Oh I get such a better workout from [regular instructor's name here]. This other teacher doesn't know what she is doing. Blah, blah, blah."
I am not joking, ten minutes into that class, she created a scene and we all had to stop what we were doing because she couldn't breathe. Apparently, she wasn't as tough as she thought.

I was trying to explain this hate to my friends (yes I do have friends) in this class last night. Jnoww spoke up for me and said, "that is just how Kate is." I guess the people that know me well, understand that I choose to hate people for no reason.