Friday, November 14, 2014

I Feel Sick, Homeless People, & Budweisers To-Go

I hate being sick. Every time I get sick I wish it was another ailment that I had come down with. If I have a cold I say, "Wow, diarrhea would be so much better." If I have the stomach flu, I dream of trading it for the sniffles. I guess you just have to take the hand you are dealt and ride it out.

Right now I have a bad cold that I just can't seem to kick. That is why we haven't had any new blogs lately. Blowing your nose every five minutes really doesn't make you feel funny, or anything for that matter, except miserable. You would have had more posts but my co-bloggers, Kurt & Jnoww, suck at producing content on a regular basis (sorry guys but it is true).

The day I first came down with my cold I had lunch with Jnoww. I wasn't feeling too bad yet and thought it may pass. We met at a local bar and thankfully no one was there because I already looked horrible. I only had mascara on and my skin had no color.
As I waited for her, a dorky red head came in and sat down the bar from me. He pulled out his phone and talked the rest of the time I was there.
Another red head, even dorkier than the first, came in and sat down at the bar.

The clientele at this bar made me want to get up and leave, but I waited and Jnoww finally arrived.

We talked a little about our blog. She couldn't believe my post on my Google search topics. As we caught up with each other and placed our orders, a third and final patron entered the bar.

This man appeared to be homeless. He sat down catercorner to me at the "L" shaped bar and ordered a Budweiser bottle for there. I was shocked by his request because I didn't know you could order beer to go in Pennsylvania. I inspected the man's face and saw a lesion across his jawline. Immediately I feared this man had aids and thought about leaving again, but it was too late. We had already ordered.

Our food came and went and my curiosity had me infatuated with this odd man's behavior, like an accident on the interstate. I am sure I was staring but for some reason didn't really care.
He ordered a second Budweiser and asked the bartender how much it cost. Carefully he reached into the grocery bag he was using as a wallet and pulled out about five dollars. He laid the bills out flat until he had the four dollars he needed for his beer and put the other dollar back into his plastic pocketbook.

I wandered to myself if alcohol was what got this guy into this situation. Than I wandered in horror if he might throw up. I don't know why that came to my mind, that is just what I thought a homeless man might do.

The man tried to make small talk and asked the bartender if Rite-Aid would be open and rudely the bartender said he didn't see why it wouldn't be. The homeless man said, "It's a holiday." The bartender responded, "Not that kind of holiday."

It was Veterans day. Any sane person would know that Rite Aid was open, which made me further wander what was wrong with this man.

He said, "I have another question. Are you open for Thanksgiving."

The bartender said, "No."

That was the last I heard the homeless man speak.

I was saddened by the idea that this man had no place to go for the holiday, but also thought that he may have just wanted to go their for his Thanksgiving Budweiser.