Monday, November 10, 2014

Google Search History

It has been one month since our blog went live! During that month, I have been researching topics I never even knew existed. Most of the time I am doing this from my work computer, and I cannot fathom what a tech person would think if they looked at my search history. I thought it would be fun to share, and I will try to post an updated search history for you monthly. So here it is...

My Most Interesting Google Searches Last Month

  • Ugly clothing men wear
  • Small peen
  • Cabbage in vagina
  • Hate naval base strippers
  • Military stripper
  • Fart scented air freshener
  • Weird things found in beards
  • Weird penis games
  • Is it ok to eat roadkill
  • Bury joseph to sell your house
  • Blue waffles
  • My husband gets pimples when I get my period
  • Snuggy sex
  • Anti rape spike strip
  • Turtleing penis

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