Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why Create Something B*tchy?

Something B*tchy was thought up at a bar that my friend and I are somewhat regulars at for lunch. I told her I was starting a blog and she asked if it was about "something bitchy" (hence the name). I proceeded to show her my beauty and fashion blog that I was working on and she laughed hysterically. I guess I don't have a knack for writing about beauty products and it really shows when my most recent post was titled, "What's On My Face." That is when we brainstormed all of the bitchy topics we wanted to talk about and decided we were really going to move forward with this.

My name is Kate, or Katherine. Actually, I will go by anything you call me but Kathy (I'm sure you will read a post about that down the road.) Katherine is my real name. My posts will be very ADD and to the point. I am 27, married, and I don't have any children.

My friend, who has yet to come up with a name, because she needs to remain anonymous, will also be posting on this blog.  I'm not sure how old she is (I think she is 30), she is single but dating (a lot), and has a daughter.

We hope you enjoy all of our bitchy posts; but most of all, it's a good way for us to vent!