Thursday, October 16, 2014

What is the deal?

I was dating this guy for about 2 months. He was so busy. And his career came first. He was 8 years younger than me but couldn't go to work from 10-6 and hang out afterwards. Even on a Friday night. I'm 48 and can get 6 or less hours of sleep, work 8 or more hours and go party all night with twenty something's.  His lack of energy wasn't bad enough. He had 1-2 breakdowns a week. Every time this man got deeper into me he pulled back like a turtle head going in a shell. I'd go to end it and he'd be on me like white on rice. He was like a boomerang. So this week I laid it out. And you know what the bitch did. Wanted to get together tonight and hang and "cuddle" as the bitch calls it. Usually comes over around 8:30. Well Ms Thing never showed up. And went on a date with someone else... 
All I got to say is good luck with that dude. You can have that mess!!!! 

PS - Laziest man in bed I ever met. Just liked that he put out.