Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Thoughts on Roadkill

I drove past a dead cat on the side of the road two days ago and the thought still affects me. Today when I drove past that same area I thought about how different types of dead animals make me feel. Here is a compilation of various species of roadkill (aka "flat meats") I have encountered. I gave them each an impact score from 1 to 10. One had the least impact on me and ten had the highest.

1. Cats- I love cats so to see one dead on the road is heartbreaking. Sometimes I wander if people hit them on purpose because they dislike them. Impact score: 8

2. Dogs- I also love dogs. Dogs unlike cats are definitely someone's pet. Could you imagine your dog getting out, then driving by it smashed on the street? I can't imagine that feeling. Impact score: 10

3. Deer- Dead deer are so prevalent in Pennsylvania that I barely think twice when I see one. I actually worry more about the person's car that hit one. Impact score: 1

4. Humans- Not technically hit by a car but laying on the side of the road. It was an older man and his legs were still in his car but his body was out on the pavement. I think he may have had a heart attack. I called the police as I drove past and talked about it the rest of the day. Impact score: 10

5. Mice- I hate mice whether they are alive or dead. This is not an animal I would see from my car but I have seen while walking. Typically I scream and run to the other side of the street as if it was alive. Impact score: 8

6. Rats- A rat is like a mouse on steroids. Impact score: 9

7. Skunks- This animal does not affect me emotionally. The smell is what gives this animal any score at all. Impact score:3

8. Possums- Their tails bother me. Just the sight of this animal gives me the heebie jeebies. Possums must be the ugliest species on earth. Impact score: 6

9. Squirrels- I like squirrels and always swerve when they run out onto the road (which is very dangerous). Just like cats, I think some people intentionally kill them. I think I cried once when I ran over a squirrel. Impact score: 5 

10. Iguanas- I actually saw one of these get hit by a jeep in St. Martin. My husband and I were driving on a back road and a four foot iguana walked out in front of us. I got my camera out and as soon as I started to take pictures, a jeep came speeding by.  It was horrifying. I hate iguanas, but seeing it get decapitated and jumping around in pain was disgusting. Impact score: 8, due to the circumstance

11. Birds- Dead birds don't bother me unless it is a duck or something like that, which I have never seen as roadkill. Impact score: 1

12. Rabbits- Rabbits are cute but stupid. Earlier this spring, I swear one of my neighborhood bunnies was suicidal. Every time I drove past he would jump out in front of my car. Eventually, someone did hit him and I didn't feel to bad. Impact score: 4