Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Meet Shaquisha

Its tough to hate fake bitches with a passion like I do. Especially when you work with one or can't avoid seeing one everyday!

Just the look of this one bitch's face makes me want to scratch her eyes out. I know she talks shit about me so I won't hesitate to reciprocate the favor.

We were friends when we first met but then she started copying me. Like psycho copying me!
I got my bangs cut and a week later she got hers cut. She dresses the same as me, and even tries to hang out with my friends. Going to the gym is a big part of my life, so she made it a part of her life.

I am actually convinced that she is a lesbian (although she is married), and that she is in love with me. She seems to be infatuated with everything I do.

My husband always tells me that mockery is the highest form of flattery. I think it is the highest form of psychotic.

For the purpose of this blog, I will name this crazy bitch Shaquisha, and try to give you an update on her weekly. My fellow blog authors know who this person is, and you may occasionally see them blog about her too!