Thursday, October 16, 2014

Killer Vaginas Are Holding Penises Captivus


This post was triggered by a Cosmopolitan article I read on Facebook about a couple in Italy that got stuck together while having sex. (All I could think while reading this was he must have been an Italian stallion). They were getting it on in the ocean and the waves suctioned them together. 
A beach walker was alerted to their struggle and took them to the emergency room (imagine having that in the backseat of your car). The doctor gave the woman a shot to dilate her vagina and they were good to go. 

I am not going to bitch about this never happening to me because it sounds embarrassing, but my curiosity made me investigate further...

According to the internet, this is a pretty rare thing to happen. Occurrences have been documented back to 1910, but since penis captivus normally lasts just a few minutes, I am sure most cases were never reported. 

So one might wonder, how exactly does this happen? Good question. Apparently, the woman orgasms so strong that her vagina clamps down on her partner's penis, holding it captive. Now I might start bitching. Why have I never had an orgasm that strong? 

Here comes my ADD...
My mother has no filter and I remember a story she told me when I was a kid about this happening to our family dogs. My parents caught them having sex and tried to separate them but couldn't. I think she told me it was because dog's penises have spikes on the end of them that prevents them from separating until they are finished their business. Maybe that story was to scare me from having sex, but now I know it was penis captivus. 

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